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Parson / Sacred Music - Hyperion CDA67874

Parsons’ surviving oeuvre is sadly slender, which is a shame as it demonstrates an unusually coherent synthesis of ingenious technical accomplishment and a great expressive range. The Cardinall’s Musick generally have the full measure of these aspects, appropriately drawing out the close imitations of Peccantem me quotidie for instance and the hocket-like passing back and forth of the melodic lines in Holy Lord God on the one hand, or subtly emphasising the delicious false relations in Solemnis urgebat for example and projecting the sweeping lines (especially by the sopranos) of the Magnificat.
Tuning is always secure and the choir as a whole push on through most pieces with confidence and momentum, though diction isn’t always clear. At times the pace seems too relentless, pushing aside the meditative character of the music, but in general the ensemble breathes life and spirit into some rarefied repertoire.
Curtis Rogers
Parsons – Sacred Music
The Cardinall’s Musick; Andrew Carwood (conductor)
CD 70:07 minutes


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