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Sfumato - Mignarda 008

Sfumato benefits from a perfect partnership between singer and accompanist. The professional duo’s eighth recording to date, this release charts the development of madrigal writing from the earlier frottole style through to the more ‘harmonically adventurous’ works of Marenzio. Worth of particular mention are the number of solo lute performances (mainly ricercari) that punctuate the choral works.
Lutenist Ron Andrico’s command of rhythm is evident, and serves him well between his performances as soloist and accompanist. Sporting a delicate, yet supportive accompaniment style, Andrico provides the perfect springboard for the pure-voiced vocalist, Donna Stewart, whose voice floats above. With her expressive phrasing and precise diction, we are left in no doubt of her command over this form of music.
Beautiful, soothing… bewitching.
Edward Dean
Musica per voce e liuto del Rinascimento Italiano (Music for voice and lute of the Italian Renaissance)
Donna Stewart, voice | Ron Andrico, lute
CD 62:51 mins


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