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This is a collection of violin and keyboard sonatas by Giovanni Piani (1678 – 1760), Francesco Geminiani (1687 – 1762) and Georg Frideric Handel (1685 – 1759). Despite the cover of this CD showing a young man holding a ‘modern’ instrument and bow, I promised myself I would keep an open mind in judging his ‘period performance’ recording.
In hearing this CD, two things become immediately obvious. Percan is clearly an excellent and extremely expressive violinist, one who plays with undeniable passion and musicality. Perhaps not yet the 'purest' of baroque players, but, certainly one to watch.
However, this CD is somewhat spoilt by the rather inelegant and apparently harmonically unaware playing of ...
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Affettuoso - Violin Sonatas by Piani, Geminiani and Handel
Emilio Percan (violin), Oriol Fusté (cello) and Luca Quintavelle (harpsichord)

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