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The songs of Henry Purcell and John Blow represent a beautiful union of text and music; each narrative idea is sensuously characterised with the utmost feeling. Testament to this, perhaps, is the fact that they also have a fairly substantial recording history. This disc, however, guarantees to engage listeners, whilst exhibiting fresh flavours unseen in those of its antecedents.
Linderoth’s interpretation is striking and convincing; from the passionate ‘Lovely Selina, innocent and free’, to his moving take on ‘Not all my torments’, he manages to express the whole gamut of human emotion with utmost ease, and without any sense of artifice. His clear diction and warm middle range is sensitively mirrored in Lund’s full and expressive accompaniment. Meanwhile, the solo lute works are ...
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Pleasures & Torments - Songs by Henry Purcell and John Blow
Johan Linderoth-tenor /Vegard Lund-lute

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Euterpe Musica EMCD1113 55’42