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Milton and Peerson do not feature regularly on CD releases, and from this recording one may wonder why. Much of this consort music is eccentric and bizarre, yet it is no more a peculiarity than the consort sets of William Lawes. It does, however, live up to the title of the disc: Sublime Discourses.
From the grand G minor fantasy named Acquaintance, to the quirkiness of Beauty, each of these pieces resembles a distinct character. The dance movements, played with fresh vigour and crisp clarity, complement these lively fantasias admirably. Sophie Yate’s expressive interpretations of the keyboard pieces for which Peerson and Milton are more recognised provide a pleasing contrast to the consort pieces. Peerson’s ‘Piper’s Pavan’ is particularly striking ...
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Sublime Discourses
John Milton and Martin Peerson: The Complete Instrumental Music
Fretwork; Michael Chance (countertenor); Sophie Yates (virginals); Richard Rastall (editions)

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