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This selection of seven trios and solo sonatas from Telemann’s chamber-music oeuvre is Passacaglia’s fifth release to date and offers, alongside repertoire classics, some superb sonatas and trios which are less well known. Throughout the CD we hear the clean and dexterous recorder and baroque flute playing of Annabel Knight with a precise and warmly supportive continuo role by harpsichordist Robert Bigwood and Reiko Ichise on viola da gamba. An A minor Trio sonata for recorder and gamba is one of the highlights of the recording, with a beautifully atmospheric first movement executed with great sensitivity to tempi and balance of instrumental lines. Two sonatas in E minor and G major from the Sonata Metodiche collection are played with great drama and dexterity with a sharp sensitivity to atmospheres and changes of mood. The CD ends with a concerto piece (Concerto V in B minor from Six concertos et six suites) to bring the disc to an exciting virtuosic conclusion.
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Telemann: Time Travel by Passacaglia
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