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2012 July - Sept

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The vihuela’s recorded repertory is, regretfully, scarce and hard to come by. This disc is a wonderful introduction to an oftimes overlooked instrument; Jesús Sánchez and Manuel Minguillón Nieto’s performance is flawless and atmospheric, and this CD contains some of the most delectable Spanish and Franco-Flemish polyphonic music from the 15th and 16th centuries.
Listeners will be tempted by familiar works such as the intabulations of Josquin’s Mille regretz and Victoria’s O Magnum Mysterium. These pieces are played beautifully, but the real highlights are some of the less familiar compositions by ...


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Adios mi amor- Duets for vihuelas
Jesús Sánchez; Manuel Minguillón
Brilliant Classics 94302 63:32”
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