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2012 July - Sept

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This has got to be the most fascinating CD to have hit the MA offices. Naturally, the design work of the CD can not go unmentioned; you have to see it to believe it. The name of the group, ‘The Dublin Drag Orchestra’, has as little to do with the music as the CD booklet artwork, and the models brought in to be featured on the front cover.
There are two CDs, the first of which includes English consort song repertoire, and a contemporary Irish folk tune. The second CD includes Mexican renaissance pieces / arrangements, and one contemporary piece written by Clara Sanabras (soprano and guitar), with words by Frida Kahlo.
The performers on this recording are some of the leading in their field and, incidentally, are not the figures in drag on the front cover. The musicians on this recording are truly stunning. They produce a fascinating world of beautiful colours and sounds, and their musical creativity, passion and soul reaches out and touches the listener in a way that few can.
My criticism of this CD is the total lack of explanation for choice of music, arrangements, and inpsiration behind the contemporary compositions on the CD. The information we are given is limited to the words to the songs, and the names of the performers. The rest is left to our imagination. For its expressive interpretations, interesting cover design work, and stunning musicians, this is my CD recommendation of the year, so far.
‘Motion of the Heart’ / Viva Frida!
Mexican and english 17th century music for voices, viol consort, guitar, harpsichord and percussion.
Heresy Records - 2 CDs TT: 46’ LC 28065
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